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Using Smart Toys to inspire children into a STEM career

Posted 18/07/2016 by Chris Burgess

It’s been well-publicised that there’s a shortage of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) graduates. Numbers of those taking up these subjects at higher levels has decreased over the last two decades as students move

Project Life - Success

Posted 30/06/2016 by Chris Burgess

We did it.. we powered up the device according to the schematics from planet Hex.. the result was amazing - a video and some development kits teleported in! The development kits are copies of inventions, designed by an alien called 'Binary'

Project 'Life' First Contact

Posted 09/06/2016 by Chris Burgess

Incredibly exciting update for Project 'Find Life'

This video contains a few sections.. initially we were running through the various items of technology that we have been using, we are relaying the signal from our base in Leeds West Yorkshire, to a broadcast station that converts the signal and sends it to bounce off the moon and tow

Plans to Communicate with life on another planet

Posted 11/05/2016 by Chris Burgess

As Pioneers with education technology we are proud to announce our latest project - one to try and communicate with life on another planet.

Project 'Find Life' is ambitious, but with we are confident after significant investment and research, we will find success. Check in over the coming days a