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  • The ultimate micro:bit maker robot kits

    BinaryBots are affordable card robotic kits that work with the BBC micro:bit.

    These amazing new robot maker kits provide the perfect project to get started coding with the BBC micro:bit. They include everything you need to get started with #robotics and #internetofthings.

    • Everything you need to get started with tech in one box.
    • Kits include the BBC micro:bit.
    • Connect to other devices using Bluetooth.
    • Comes with temperature, motion, and light sensors.
    • Free access to online activities, videos and instructions.
    • Expand what you can achieve using the Raspberry Pi.

BinaryBots maker kits comes with a BBC micro:bit

The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer with a 5x5 grid of built-in lights, a built in accelerometer, compass, bluetooth and a JST connector.

The board has 20 GPIO pins for connecting to other devices using a breakout board like the CBiS Education breakout board

The government have given a free Micro:bit to every year 7 child in Britain starting from March 2016 (around 1 million devices).