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  • The ultimate micro:bit maker robot kits

    BinaryBots are affordable card robotic kits that work with the BBC micro:bit.

    These amazing new robot maker kits provide the perfect project to get started coding with the BBC micro:bit. They include everything you need to get started with #robotics and #internetofthings.

    • Everything you need to get started with tech in one box.
    • Kits include the BBC micro:bit.
    • Connect to other devices using Bluetooth.
    • Comes with temperature, motion, and light sensors.
    • Free access to online activities, videos and instructions.
    • Expand what you can achieve using the Raspberry Pi.

BinaryBots maker kits comes with a BBC micro:bit

The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer with a 5x5 grid of built-in lights, a built in accelerometer, compass, bluetooth and a JST connector.

The board has 20 GPIO pins for connecting to other devices using a breakout board like the CBiS Education breakout board

The government have given a free Micro:bit to every year 7 child in Britain starting from March 2016 (around 1 million devices).

Sticker Template to design your own skin for Dimm!

Dimm comes with glossy stickers in his normal skin that Binary designed! However, you can download the template below which you can then colour in yourself, print and stick to Dimm :)

You can print it off, colour it however you want and stick it to Dimm for your customised design!

Click on the image on the right to get a PDF file that contains a template for the Dimm Sticker Sheet.

Here are some projects with Binary Bots and Dimm