Amazing new 'smart toy' robots everyone's talking about

Your children will learn about coding & being a robot inventor like Binary from 'Planet Hex'


The amazing new smart toy robot everyone wants.
Dimm was Binary's first invention and is now Binary's best friend.

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Binary's UFO

Binary's UFO is a super saucer!
It flys from planet to planet to do experiments with its sensors.

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Now you can be an inventor!

BinaryBots™ bring coding to life!
It's so easy and fun to learn to code with lots of activities to show you how make the robots do what you tell them to!

BinaryBots teach your child to code

6 reasons why children should learn to code:
  1. Code is one of the world's most widely used languages.
  2. Connected devices are already reshaping our world.
  3. Kids learn better and faster when they're young.
  4. Set them up for a successful career.
  5. Unleash your child's creativity.
  6. Increase your child's confidence.

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